Welcome to FelineWorld.eu

Here you can see videos recorded during cat shows of: FIFe, TICA and WCF federations.
If there are technical capabilities there are live transmissions, however it depends mostly on provided internet connection parameters.

We are visiting whole Europe with our camera wherever we are invited by organizing Clubs. At the moment majority of our recordings is from Poland. We have already been to Germany, Latvia and Romania as well.

Our plans for next show is Ukraine, then… we’ll see 😉

Please take a sit, and enjoy watching shows.

If you are an organizer of the showcontact us, we’ll see if we could come. Video-recording is a great reminder of the show for a club and for participants.

If you are looking for a cat – as a pet or a breeding one – we’ll give you a hand. Visit our web-pages:

In Italy we propose you as well online-shop with cats-related jewelry and accessories for cats. Visit us – maybe you find something unique for yourself or for your purring friend.

Kind Regards,
Team of FelineWorld.eu